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Traditional cryptocurrency Proof-of-Work mining requires expensive equipment, cheap electricity and often loud cooling fans. The folks at Helium are in the business of providing a Lorawan Longfi network that companies can use for their Internet-of-Things devices. Instead of putting up their own wireless infrastructure, they decided to let people host hotspots in their own homes to participate in Proof-of-Coverage and reward them with Helium HNT tokens (which can be exchanged for Bitcoin). Helium hotspots are silent, only require connection to your home Internet, and use up about as much electricity as your router. Want to be an early adopter for Helium mining in the Cambridge area and possibly make passive income?
Steps to get involved:
Whereas Kitchener/Waterloo already has a bunch, Cambridge currently has no hotspots, but there are some coming. Check the image to see approximate locations where hotspots are planned.
2021/03/16 UPDATE: 2 hotspots have shown up in Hespeler, and 1 in west Galt
Ideally, if you plan to setup a hotspot, you will want to be more than 300 meters from the nearest existing one (otherwise your profits end up getting split between redundant hotspots). If you will be using a default stock antenna, then you will want to be within about 1 km of the nearest hotspot(s).
Why did I create this informational page? I am planning on running a hotspot in Cambridge and it is in my best interest to get others near me to participate, as it will increase everyones potential profits.