Q: Why would I want a cryptocronic stats page for my coin?
A: My stats page offers a quick technically oriented overview of what is happening with your coin's blockchain. This can be especially handy for those with a new coin that want to track blockchain growth.

Q: Why does this service cost something instead of being free?
A: I am a freelancer and it does cost money to keep up a server which can handle multiple coin wallets. Each wallet takes up precious hard drive space and bandwidth. Remember that I am not just calculating stats for your blockchain but also running a public node. I accept BTC donations if you feel like supporting my endeavour.

Q: What information do I need to send you to be added?
A: Your coin's website URL and a link to the source code. I can figure out the rest.

Q: Why was my coin rejected?
A: Most probably for technical reasons... either I could not get your headless Linux daemon to work or your blockchain is just too resource intensive to support on my current server. Sometimes I may just not like your coin. Sorry.

Q: On the stats page, what does "#/hour, #/day, #/week" under the block height mean?
A: This shows the number of blocks the blockchain grew in the past hour, the past day (24 hours), and the past week (168 hours) respectively.

Q: On the stats page, what does "sats" mean?
A: It is short for Satoshi Nakamoto (the creator of Bitcoin) and is the lowest measuring unit for BTC. 1 sat = 0.00000001 BTC

Q: On the stats page, what does MH, GH, TH and PH stand for?
A: MegaHash, GigaHash, TeraHash and PetaHash.

Q: Who are you and how do I contact you?
A: My name is Marko and I have a contact form at vidberg.com/contact. I am a developer for Madbyte token and CWIS coin and an occasional contributor for Canada eCoin.

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