My alphabetical list of words and acronyms you might come across when researching cryptocurrencies.
AML - Anti Money Laundering.
ATH - All Time High. The highest value a coin or token has had.
Bearish - Expecting the price of an asset to decrease.
Blockchain - A digital ledger of transactions, usually distributed and decentralized.
Bullish - Expecting the price of an asset to increase.
DAG - Directed Acyclic Graph. Similar idea as a blockchain but with a branching tree structure instead.
DAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Now possible to facilitate using smart-contracts.
Dapp - Decentralized application written using smart-contracts.
DEX - Decentralized exchange.
Fiat - Government issued currency, such as USD, EURO, or CAD.
FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out. Seeing an asset rise in value and wanting to get in on the action.
FUD - Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. Used to attempt to push down the value of an asset.
HODL - Purposeful mispelling of "hold". Hang on to your cryptocurrency.
KYC - Know Your Customer.
Mining - The process of calculating hashes to compete for being able to place the next block of transactions into a PoW blockchain.
Mooning - Price going up high, usually because of FOMO regarding new developments.
NFT - Non-Fugible Token. A unique asset on the blockchain; the opposite of a fungible asset like Bitcoin where every coin is the same.
Nonce - Number used only once. Used as an offset when calculating hashes for mining.
PoS - Proof of Stake. A consensus mechanism to determine what data gets added to the next block in the blockchain based on assets being held in a wallet.
PoW - Proof of Work. A consensus mechanism to determine what data gets added to the next block in the blockchain based on a calculated hashing competition.
Rugpull - Manipulation tactic used by a coordinated group to negatively affect the price of an asset, usually by selling off and abandoning the project.
Smart-contract - Programmed unchangable and executable code that resides on the blockchain.
TX - Transaction.
Whale - Someone that holds a lot of cryptocurrency.
Whitepaper - A document outlining the purpose and technical specifics of an asset.
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